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    If we kissed?

    [] Quickie.
    [] Tongue.
    [] Softly bite your lip.
    [] We wouldn’t.
    [] Long and meaningful.
    [] Let’s hit up the bedroom.
    [] You remember last time?
    [] Awkward…
    [] Lol no.

    Would I go out with you?
    [] Yes, definitely.
    [] No.
    [] I want to, but it wouldn’t work.
    [] Maybe.
    [] Nope,…

  2. jal-spid:

    After postponing it so much..

    Theres another version too I’ll finish it soon, you’ll see ;D (Mael you saw it already hawhaw)

    Edit: yorp I forgot his watch lol

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  4. Ya know what? Reblog this if you agree that online friends ARE real friends.

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  5. I’m making a masterlist of all RPers.


    Reblog if you’re an RP blog.

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  6. sargeantdoe:

    i should be sleeping

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